Articulate Your Value, Terms & Conditions

(Service provider = AYV or Articulate Your Value)

-All sales are final after:

1.) The submission of your current documents (Resume, cover letter, references to a social platform)

2.) The resume builder document has been issued


3.) After 72 hours has passed without the submission of your documents (Resume, cover letter, references to a social platform)

-Should you decide to cancel prior to submitting your documents within the 72-hour period, a $75 service fee will be applied, and the remaining balance will be refunded within 10-14 days.

-All required documents (current resumes, cover letters, biographies, resume builders etc.) are to be sent within 10 days after submission of payment. After the 10-day period, AYV reserves the right to cancel services. Should the services be canceled, the client will not be refunded for the services.

-After AYV has reviewed the client’s documents and provided any follow-up questions, the client will have 7 days to respond to all questions. After the 7-day time frame, AYV reserves the right to begin the selected services.

-Any suggested changes to social platforms (LinkedIn) after the requested services have been rendered by AYV must be provided within 48 hours after notification of the completion of the services.

-The services rendered by AYV, and its employees does not guarantee employment or the securing of interviews.

Digital Products / Downloads

All sales are final and non-refundable.

*I hereby release, acquit, and discharge AYV and its employees from any liability arising from the content included in any documents or social platforms that were created or modified by AYV and its employees.