Interview Prep

Walk Into Your Interviews Prepared For Everything

Interview Prep: $150 per session

60 minute session that will provide key tips and techniques for properly executing your thoughts and accurately Articulating Your Value during the interviewing process.

Have you gone to dozens of interviews but you never seem to make it past that? You were confident, your resume was on point, and you feel like you nailed that interview. But did you?

Here’s something to ponder about your interview: while many interviews average 30-40 minutes, a lot of hiring managers and recruiters have often already made their decision before you reached the five minute mark. Why? Because that first impression means everything.

Mock Interviews

Many job seekers get nervous going into an interview. It seems logical that you would prepare for your interview, right? But many people don’t know how to properly prepare for their interview. Just like studying for a test, many job seekers either over-prepare or don’t focus on the right things when preparing.

We can help you Articulate Your Value in person, not just on paper. Did you know that less than 50% of people who get an interview don’t have mock interviews with other people? Mock interviews are a great way to prepare, especially when the person conducting your mock interview is an expert in the world of hiring and recruiting.

At Articulate Your Value, we have been helping people beat the pre-interview jitters by making sure they are well-prepared for their interview. With our extensive knowledge of numerous industries, we are able to guide you through many potential scenarios to ensure you’re ready. Not only does the preparation help you answer interview questions, it also helps you to feel confident in yourself going into that interview.

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For hiring managers and recruiters, your personality during the interview is one of the top things about you that they are looking at. If you go into your interview with little preparation, minimal knowledge about the company, and a nervous demeanor, do you think that the interviewer is going to have a good impression about you?

Instead, get the preparation you need to really make a confident and competent impression on the hiring manager. Jeremy at Articulate Your Value will ensure you know how to respond to even the most unexpected questions before you walk into your interviews.