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“When competing for a job in today’s global economy, it is important that you articulate your value at the highest level. AYV is known for helping its clients identify, capture, and communicate their core competencies with vigor and confidence! Our clients consistently secure the roles they are seeking and command competitive salaries.”

-Jeremy Hardiman; Founder and Owner of AYV

Founder of AYV; Jeremy Hardiman

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Our Resume Writing and Professional Development Services

Professional Resume Writing Service

Without a good resume, it’s nearly impossible to get your foot in the door to get an interview. Fortunately, AYV has a history of producing GREAT resumes. Here’s what you can expect after making the investment to secure the AYV resume services.

  • A one-on-one consultation with a professional resume writer that listens intently to learn more about you and the types of roles that you are pursuing
  • Accessibility: Our clients have direct access to their writer throughout the process
  • A newly crafted or revamped resume that is ATS compliant and stands out from the competition
  • Increased confidence and a renewed sense of your professional worth
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Interview Prep

So, your incredible resume has landed you an interview(s), but are you prepared? Take your personal investment further to optimize and enhance the other areas of the hiring process with the AYV interview prep session(s). You’ll get:

  • Expert advice on how to avoid your weaknesses and play to your strengths in an interview
  • A proven approach for responding to interview questions
  • Improved confidence and the ability to utilize the interview process to determine if this is the right role/organization for you
  • Exclusive insight regarding the various questions that you will be asked

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Technology is advancing, and so are the ways in which companies are recruiting. Now more than ever, companies are using LinkedIn to actively search for talent that will take their company to the next level. Let the professionals at AYV assist you with enhancing your digital real estate by creating or modifying your profile to appeal to respective recruiters and hiring managers. We focus on,

  • Developing a professionally optimized LinkedIn profiles that align with your resume, cover letter, and other professional documents
  • Fully maximizing all of the features that LinkedIn has to offer to showcase who you are both personally and professionally
  • Increasing your chances of attracting opportunities that you never imagined possible
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Outplacement Resume Services

As a company, are you in the process of going through a major layoff? If so, AYV offers services that will be of benefit to you and those that are or will be unemployed due to the layoff.

Relocation Resume Services

Has your spouse received a promotion and has to uproot the family to a new city? Having to update your resume during a move can be stressful. With our professional resume and cover letter writing services, we can:

  • Get your resume and cover letter updated faster and at a higher quality than doing it yourself
  • Place your mind at ease as your transition to your new city or as you start the job-hunting process
  • For organizations, offering this service to the associates that are being let go will show that you care and go a long way with retaining a good brand image

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