About Articulate Your Value

A message from the owner, Jeremy Hardiman

In order to help others, I had to first help myself. Throughout the course of my 16-year professional career, I had success landing six-figure offers of employment from several notable fortune 500 corporations including Union Pacific Railroad, Chevron, Sikorsky Aircraft, Walmart, and Georgia Pacific just to name a few. (Most of the offers included sign-on bonuses, retention bonuses, annual bonuses, stock options, and fantastic benefit packages.) During the hiring process, I was often complimented by recruiters and executives on my resume and also with how well I interviewed. I quickly identified that I had a gift for articulating my value and conveying how I would utilize my abilities to make a lasting impact in the role that I was interviewing for and beyond.

The exceptional writers at AYV share similar stories and we look forward to leveraging our expert knowledge to assist you with highlighting your credentials in a way that will get you one step closer to landing your dream role. Poorly written resumes and cover letters (or the simple lack of even having a cover letter) are the sole reason why many job applicants fall short during the recruiting/hiring process. Your resume shouldn’t stop you from achieving your dreams and aspirations.

So, I would like to ask:

  • How serious are you about your career and future?
  • When was the last time you invested in YOUR future?
  • Does your resume truly highlight your professional accomplishments and experiences?
  • Are you planning to switch jobs or transition into a new field or industry?

If you are here, then that means you are already on the right path to investing in yourself and your future. Whether you need a resume, cover letter, interview prep, LinkedIn profile optimization, outplacement resume assistance, or relocation resume assistance, Articulate Your Value is here to help you succeed.

The AYV Process

Step 1.) Schedule an introductory consultation

Step 2.) Prep for our discussion by forwarding your current documents (Resume and/or cover. IF we are starting from scratch and you do not have a current copy, that is not a problem.)

Step 3.) Meet to finalize your service needs

Step 4.) Purchase services through website

Step 5.) Questionnaire completion by the client after a comprehensive review by the AYV writers

Step 6.) Receive initial drafts within 7 days after questionnaire completion

Step 7.) Up to 2 rounds of revisions over the course of 5 days after receiving the initial drafts