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Workforce reductions are never fun and are especially stressful for those that are released. For organizations, maintaining a strong brand image during these times can be difficult. To avoid the long-term effects and possible negative consequences associated with layoffs, job cuts, etc. companies should consider offering career support. Partnering with AYV to assist with professional resume revamps, customized cover letters, LinkedIn optimization, and career consultation will show those associates that you care and will minimize the stress associated with identifying and landing their next professional opportunity.  

Relocation Resume Services

Relocating for a new job can be very stressful. Most times, the move involves a family. Depending on the situation, a spouse, partner, or significant other will have to leave their job and search for a new opportunity in the new city. To avoid the additional hassle of updating the resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile, AYV is here to support those individuals that will be searching for employment in their new city.

Helping Military Veterans Move Into The Workforce

AYV strongly supports our service men and women that are transitioning to the workforce. We are here to assist you with translating your experience to the roles that you are pursuing.

Find a New Career Path

Losing your job is never a good experience, and there are many instances where it’s no fault of your own. Especially during uncertain times like a recession, companies may get to the point of layoffs. Other times a company may be downsizing or restructuring. There are a multitude of reasons, but the result is still the same: many employees, people just like you, are stuck with the need for outplacement and relocation.

Update Your Resume

Have you been keeping your resume up to date? A lot of people don’t keep it updated, especially when they have settled into a job that they are comfortable with. The sudden need to find a new job can come with a lot of anxiety, particularly when you realize you need to get your resume updated and fast. It’s easy to make mistakes on a resume when you’re in a rush.

Here’s where we can help you Articulate Your Value. You need a new or updated resume fast, but you need it done right. We have helped hundreds of people that were suddenly out of a job get their resume updated, or even complete redone, back into that interview room, and getting those offers of employment. During uncertain times like this, we understand how important it is to get your outplacement resume updated as quickly as possible.

We will go over your skills, talents, accomplishments, achievements, and much more to ensure we get the perfect resume crafted for your outplacement or relocation. It’s important to highlight the areas where you have grown with your previous employer and any other skills you picked up along the way. We do this while carefully formatting each outplacement resume to be easily readable by hiring managers and recruiters. Your outplacement resume will also be optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems that look for specific keywords.

Outplacement Relocation Resume Assistance

If you’ve recently lost your job, then time is of the essence. Contact us at Articulate Your Value so we can get you back to work as quickly as possible. Haven’t done an interview in a while, either? We can help with that, too!